A day in a life with smart glasses.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.”

—Carl Sagan.


The world with smart glasses (#ADayInALife).

Each year mobile phones are getting smarter and powerful, they are so amazing that we are failing to notice how terrible they are making our lives. How many situations have we had in our lives where just when we are about to have a crucial conversation with someone and their phone lits up or worse yours, pulling you both away from the conversation. Meron Gribetz’s TED talk got me thinking how we are constantly hunched over our mobile phones, these little rectangular pieces of hardware, fumbling with apps and buttons and more rectangles. He says we are using our technology the wrong way, we should use technology to extend our senses to finish our everyday tasks.

The more I think about this, the more I believe beyond any doubt that the next phase of computing evolution will be less about the interface between the technology and the user and more about the experience itself. Virtual reality headsets augmented reality powered iPhones and applications, mixed reality powered smart glasses will rule the experience of our future world. This changes everything we know and the way we experience our current world.

Smart glasses will be the next step in the evolution of mixed reality headsets, without the clumsiness of tethering consoles and expensive laptop in a backpack. Smart glasses will be powered by a nano-technology screen; initially, they will look bigger and thicker covering half of our face like ski glasses as time progresses, they will look a lot like your sunglasses and way more powerful and functional. Mobility will be the most compelling attribute of these smart glasses. Here’s my first attempt 👇 to imagine a world with our smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, and smart glasses synced in perfection to help us get through our day.


For me, everything starts on the paper first. I sketched out the concept I had in my mind. I have defined three core design principles to bring this concept to life.

First one, your view becomes your interface, this will enable you to do your tasks, get information from your apps or get more information about the surroundings and not miss your view for a second. This will enable you to have real-time conversations without missing your digital world. Your view can go a bit deeper with image recognition technology, adjusting apps based on your location, more of that later in the post.

The second one, the “radial user interface” (RUI) a user can swipe through the apps radially and the highlighted or anchored app in the middle provides a preview of the most important stat or information snippet from the app.

Lastly, conversational UI powered with AI, access to the applications can be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) coupled with image and pattern recognition resulting in a powerful 'computer vision' like Iron Man suit has. 'Computer vision' can automate tasks that our human visual system can do.

In the book “The Fourth Transformation” Robert Scoble & Shel Israel speak about how AI will be the digital blood that can run through these neo future devices, they say - AI will be the secret sauce and the great enabler of the fourth transformation. This book really inspired me to create this concept. While working on this concept I could really imagine how AI can be that powerful enabler for a seamless user experience.


Visual UI work - Naren Katakam. Background image credit - Drew Coffman (via Unsplash)


More updates to follow.

Watch this space for more...